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The introduction of the CEO

October 29th, 2009 at 02:02 pm

Last year my family and I spent a wonderful day at a boat show and boy did I fall in love with the idea of getting a boat. When the weather gets warmer and we are spending more time at the beach it seems like the perfect time to get one. Prices of boats and gas are down and you can finance it over 20 years. Then reality hit I was overruled by my CEO!

Let me give you a brief description of my CEO, she is 2 years old, under 3 feet and weighs 25lbs. She has decided that she would rather have a swing set and so there goes my boat. She also has overruled me and my wife on what TV shows we watch and if we get to sleep through the night. I have a strange feeling that a lot of my readers have their own CEO at home if not 2 or 3.

We can spend all our time researching the right way to invest for the needs of our family but when that little one smiles at you and asks for something they usually get it. I want to bring the perspective of a real family making real decisions to get through this crazy economy. Hope to hear for you all and your stories.

2 Responses to “The introduction of the CEO”

  1. momcents Says:

    Boy, that must be some swingset then!

  2. Jerry Says:

    CEOs like this one always lead to excellent reminders of what things matter the most. =) Swingsets are the best... boats will still be there later. TV shows can be watched after CEO bedtime. Little CEOs remind me of why I'm in school, why my health (and health insurance) matter, and what makes me the happiest over time.

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