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Tax Season - Should I use Turbo Tax?

February 22nd, 2010 at 06:02 pm

Hello All, as you all know by now Tax season is upon us and as we all get ready to file our taxes I always get asked the same questions. Should I do my own taxes and save the few bucks? Should I use Turbo Tax? Should I use a tax service like H&R Block or should I go to an accountant that also does financial planning. I always answer with this old story...

A man walks into an lawyers office and asks him a question. The lawyer turns around, takes a book off of the shelf and reads a paragraph that answers the question. The lawyer then explains the ramifications. Once that is done he asks the client for $500. The client says $500 for reading me something out of a book? The lawyer says no, the $500 is for me knowing which book to find the answer.

Now a good accountant takes it one step further he can look at your financial life to help you with your taxes but also help guide you on decisions that can shape your future. Does Turbo Tax take an interest and ask you where you financially want to go? Does the part time worker at H&R Block do that? Will he give you his cell phone and say call him anytime? This is why sometimes it pays to pay a little more. You should never step over the dollars to pick up the penny's.

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